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Why a Static Website?

I have worked two decades with CMS like Wordpress and Drupal. Simple and good CMS. But they are Slow. Drupal 8 was when I tested it painfully slow, so I kept using the old Drupal 7. But have now replaced it with Go based websites.

There are few advantages with CMS. One is that "everybody" can change and manage the content. The other is that almost "everyone" can create a website using CMS.

The major disadvantage with CMS is that you get lots of dead meat that you never ever use. This dead meat slows down the site. Besides this - a CMS is basically another language you have to learn. As soon as you have learned the CMS, you have to learn PHP, HTML, CSS and Javascript behind the scenes when you need to customize. Which is hard, as there are levels upon levels to figure out how to manage?

Yes, The time to change the content of a static site takes 2 minutes longer than changing the content of a CMS. And yes, there is a higher threshold, as you have to learn to code from scratch. But! You have full control of every pixel. Not hidden by a "magic framework". The reward is full control and a super fast site.

Note that this is my opinion and not facts. YMMV.