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Why Vanilla Javascript?

There are three types of Javascript. Vanilla (Pure) Javascript, JQuery and Typescript. The difference is how they work.

Many languages are depending on Vanilla Javascript. It is a language that interacts with other languages (HTML, CSS etc)

JQuery (and relatives) is calling Vanilla Javascript code behind the scenes, but the "JQuery language" seems to be simpler. Note that you may import several thousand rows but maybe use a handful of them. So I think it is a waste of space and capacity to load dead meat.

Angular and React amongst other frameworks are using Typescript (or its relatives). Which means you code in one language (Typescript) that is "converted" to Javascript. It seems that Webassembly also uses Typescript. Webassembly is another beast that will change how you code.

By using Vanilla Javascript, I neither "translate" nor "convert" anything. In my imagination, it will be cleaner and faster.