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Why UpCloud?

Basically, there is Web Hosting and Server Hosting.

Web Hosting is more or less fixed to Apache and a certain folder structure. You can install Wordpress etc and upload via ftp or similar to the website. You have no root access and cannot install anything that the web hosting company does not allow.

I can use a dedicated server, shared server, or virtual server (VPS). VPS is normally the cheapest. You have root access and can install whatever you like. There are many hosting companies that offer VPS hosting.

I have tested and investigated some VPS vendors. AWS, Google and Azure made me dizzy by all price options and all settings, etc. So frankly, I have not tested them. Digital Ocean, Linode etc was no option because of the GDPR. VPS hosting outside Europe is possible, but I do not want to be in the backyard of NSA...

So I have tested a few European VPS vendors. All of them were slow, unreliable, or expensive. Until I found UpCloud. A Finnish company that has servers all over the world. Quick servers. I have used UpCloud for five years and there has been only a minor glitch meanwhile. So my recommendation is at least to test UpCloud.